PoE Adapter 48V / 0.5A

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PoE 48V / 0.5A Adapter that enables PoE or Non-PoE devices to be powered only by an Ethernet cable

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This PoE active non-standard adapter is a simple and convenient device that enables PoE or Non-PoE devices to feed only through an Ethernet cable, saving the cost of cables as well as assembly time.

This PoE adapter is compatible with all IEEE802.3af network devices, with no auto-detection function, and without directly feeding power-ups to network-connected devices as soon as you connect them, so you need to ensure IEEE 802.3 to protect against overcharging, while ensuring that your powered device is compatible with poe pins 4/5 (+), 7/8 (-) midspan.
Recommendation: For connection, use a 568B cable.

Recommended maximum distance: 10-30 meters

1. Output power
Rated voltage: 48V cc
Rated current: 0.5A
Current range: 0 ~ 0.5A
Voltage waves: 480mVp-p
Nominal power: 24W
Voltage tolerance: ± 3.0%
Configuration, first start time: 500ms, 50ms at full load
Pause time:> 5ms at full load
Feeding pins: 4 and 5 (+), 7 and 8 (-); Data Pins: 1236

2. Input power
Rated voltage range: 100 ~ 240V c.a.
Frequency range: 47 ~ 63Hz
Efficiency:> 80% (min)
Alternative Current: 0.7A (max)
Dispersion current: <0.25 mA @ 250 V
Socket current at anchor: <40 A @ 230 V

3. Power Protection
Short-circuit protection: Yes
Overload protection: Yes
Protection against excessive power: Yes

4. Medium
Working temperature: 0 ~ + 40 ° C
Humidity: 20 ~ 90% relative humidity, no condensation
Storage temperature and humidity: -20 ~ + 85 ° C, 10 ~ 95% relative humidity
Vibration: EN 61131-2

5. Security and electromagnetic compatibility
Standards: design reference EN60950
Dielectric rigidity test: I / P-O / P: 3KVAC, 5mA, 60S
Insulation resistance: I / P-O / P: 100M ohms / 500V c.c.
Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN55022 Class B

6. Other
Compatible with IEEE802.3af
PoE type: Mid-span
Average Lan: 10 / 100Mbps Base-T
Mounting: Mural
Connections: file c.a .; RJ45 connectors
EU Feeding Card
Warranty period: 2 years

7. Applications:
 Non-PoE devices such as access points, Routers, IP camera, modems, switches, embedded computers, or other network devices.

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